Spending workdays inside offices in front of computers under fluorescent lights and then in the homes basking in the radiance of television screens is the daily routine for most of us. Being disoriented, depressed, and overwhelmed with additional trouble focusing and sleeplessness has become our passive nature if you are also suffering from the same situation and circumstances than its time to get rid of all this hassle bustle and find another healthy and happy way to live life.


Man and nature are the two parallel ends of the same road. Nature is as essential for us as food and oxygen, infect both of these are also gifts of nature. If we want to improve our physical and mental health, we need to spend sufficient time with nature. Outdoor activities are the best ways to spend some quality time outdoor to get proper benefits for our health and mind.

The outdoor activities positively impact our health and boost up our creativity and happiness. There is a long list of healthy outdoor activities which can help us to improve our health level, but ten most effective and enjoyable outdoor activities are:


Bicycle riding is a revitalizing outdoor activity. It is a fast-paced exciting activity that can be done almost everywhere. It is also eco-friendly and finding new tracks and changing trails makes it more adventurous.

Health benefits:

  • Cycling protects you from dangerous diseases like heart attack, depression, diabetes, obesity, and arthritis.
  • Improves posture conditions and strengthens bones and muscles
  • Cycling is also beneficial in some specific health issues such as a specific type of cancer and mental health issues.

A perfect outdoor activity to train your mind and body to become more disciplined and fit is rock climbing. To perform this activity, you need some practice and proper equipment that includes helmet and harnesses. The most important rule to complete this activity is “safety first.”

Health benefits:

  • Rock climbing is a total body workout, and it affects your whole physical health.
  • It also enhances the mental performance of a person by increasing the ability to conquer fears, sense of achievement, proper and on time mind-body coordination and self-reliance.
  1. HIKING:

If you want to unplug with your surroundings and reconnect with nature than hiking is a perfect choice for you. A day out in nature, hiking and exploring colors of nature is a priceless, memorable, and unforgettable experience. 

Health benefits: 

  • Better cardiovascular performance
  • Lower stress maintains fresh mood and mental wellbeing
  • It improves bone density and osteoarthritis.
  • Lowers blood pressure, body fat, and cholesterol

Swimming is well known as all body workouts as it needs a contribution of all the muscles in the body. It is also a low impact exercise for cardiovascular health. It has marvelous health benefits.

Health benefits:

  • Swimming is extremely effective for people with musculoskeletal problems and arthritis as water is a cure for stiff joints.
  • Swimming prevents high blood pressure, anxiety, heart diseases, and diabetes.
  • It is a brilliant way to tone your body.

It is the oldest but highly beneficial activity that can be done daily. Anyone can make running a regular part of daily routine. From a slow start-up to a fast span or running can fight with most of your health issues very well.

Health benefits:

  • Running helps to lose or maintain weight
  • It keeps you sharper even in old age
  • Running reduces the risk of cancer
  • Running keeps your joints and muscles active and strong
  • Running is also a kind of meditation that keeps you more happy and stress-free
  1. YOGA

Yoga is a spiritual, mental, and physical outdoor activity. It really works to improve health, heals pains, and keeps sickness far away from you. Its health benefits are undoubtedly countless.

Health benefits:

  • Improves flexibility, increase muscles strength and provides an ideal body posture
  • Protects the spine, increases blood flow, drains lymph’s and enhances immunity
  • Drops blood pressure regulates adrenal glands and keeps you happy
  • Relaxes body system improves balance and focus and also improves your nervous system

Being in water provides joyful peace of mind and serenity, that is why paddling benefits our physical as well as mental health. In addition to health benefits paddling in rivers and lakes provide you a phenomenal visual treat also. Observing marine life and the beauty of woods near rivers and lakes is a wonderful experience.

Health benefits:

  • Increases the strength of muscles, particularly of shoulders, arms, chest, and back.
  • Paddling is a low impact activity reduces risk of wear and tear on tissues and joints
  • Maintains cardiovascular fitness

If you are an adventure lover and enjoy competitive sports, then paragliding is a healthy outdoor activity having plenty of benefits.

Health benefits:

  • It strengthens the upper body, provides an adrenaline rush and body balance
  • Creates confidence, burns calories, and encourages to face fears

Sky swinging feels you like a modern Tarzan.  A feeling of being weightless and feeling the breeze in your hair is a wonderful experience. If you are scared of height, swinging in the park can be another option also.

Health benefits:

  • It’s an excellent activity to overcome your fears and burn calories to make your body perfectly toned
  • Its feel of freedom makes you relax

The refreshing cool air on your face and sprint of snow underneath your skis is a wonderful feeling. Skiing and snowboarding are the best outdoor activities intuitively bracing and healthful.

Health benefits:

  • Strengthens your lower body muscles with increasing flexibility
  • Engage your core muscles and augment mood
  • Burns calories and keeps you fit

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