BCAA as Recovery Agent in outdoorsupplements

What is BCAA

BCAA stand for Branched Chain Amino Acid. Branched Chain Amino Acid are different from others as body cannot produce them but infect it should be taken from diet. But when it comes to the exercise in gyms and athletic or sports activity BCAAs taken from food are not sufficient and should be taken from some supplements.

BCAA plays very important role in building muscles also when body needs more energy liver break down these amino acids and provide energy to body so it on side of liver to decide what to do with these amino acids. BCAAs also helps body to avoid soreness after intensive physically activity.

BCAAs are mainly of three types

  •  Leucine
  • Isoleucine
  • Valine

These three BCAA have different type of functions and works different at different stages of body behavior.

Leucine provides ignition to the muscles growth whereas the Valine is source of energy for body so when doing workout in gym or having outdoor adventure like hiking climbing or any other it provide energy during session. With all this isolencine play very different role. It works as fat burner. Many researches have shown that BCAAs can be at high level of their utilization if taken in combo of three.

BCAA as Fat and Sugar Control agent

Isoleucine helps in controlling fat in body as it increases fat burring properties of body and burns inhibit fat in body. Isoleucine creates special type of receptors known as PPAR. PPAR increase activity of genes to burn fats and decreases those activities which stores fats.

BCAA immune system supporter

BCAA increase immunity of body to fight against patty issues which arises mostly after workout in gym or after hiking or climbing activity like flu soreness in muscles or any other kind of sickness, so eventually after BCAA consumption keeps person fresh and ready to have normally daily life and keep gym activities regular without any break.

BCAA as Weight Loss

As it is discussed above isoleucine burnes fat and control those genes which store fats so eventally it helps in weight loss if taken in proper amount and other diet control whereas it keeps you fresh and healthy during during your weight loss session and prevent losing muscles during weight loss.

BCAA safe dosage

Although for our day to day life BCAA taken from food is sufficient. Natural source of BCAA are whey powder. Milk proteins beef chicken soya proteins, eggs beans nuts.

But when it comes to the workout and high performance and athletic activates BCAA requirements gets higher. Researches have shown that BCAA as supplements is safe to be consumed for recovery and building muscles.

BCAA when consumed in free form it bypass the liver and go directly into blood stream so it quickly elevate blood supply and helps circulating BCAA level.

BCAA side effects

In some cases it is reported it may cause fatigue and coordination issues, also it is observed if BCAA is taken for more than two years it may cause coordination problem so should be taken with caution specially when driving.

In some people it is also observed it creates nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and stomach bloating or sometimes it also creates issue of high blood pressure.

BCAA in outdoorsupplement

In Ascend Outdoorsupplments BCAA’s are used in combo it is given in form of 2:1:1.  BCAA in Acsend is added to give athlete good source of energy helps in maintaining hydration when as helps in building new muscles and repairing damage muscles.

Outdoorsupplemts have variety of Acend outdoorsupplemt with blend of BCAA to give athlete better and fast recovery after workout and pre workout dosage provide energy and hydration during and workout.

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