Best Outdoor Recovery drinks

best outdoor recovery drinks

Have you ever felt exhausted and crashed over the bed after some physical exertion or workout. With intensive workout your body is exhausted and muscles are fatigued. This is because your body is running out of fuel, your body hydration and electrolytes are drying up. Loss of water and electrolyte through sweat may result into fatigue, muscle pain, mood swings and anger as well.
To have a chiseled body and physically fitness with minimum body damages is a right approach. In achievement of former, many of us forget about the latter. But with the right approach, you can improve your body fitness with healthy body in no time. Recovery is one of the basic factors which help the fitness adaptation. We often ignore this factor and it turns out to have adverse effects on our performance. It is important to recover depleted energy and muscle repairment for body stability.
Having a proper recovery plan helps out the most. Recovery drinks are one of the best sources to overcome this issue. It will recover the loss and deliver the nutrients required for the body. Recovery drinks have constitutes that will replenish the electrolytes and hydrate your body after workout session. It is the easiest and the simplest way to keep on track and does not require much effort.

Good recovery drinks after workout

If you are passionate about your fitness and workout, then intake of a good recovery drink 15mins after workout and consumption of meal after 30mins would be a great deal. It will keep you healthy and will energize your body. The drinks that constitutes 4:1 carbohydrate to protein seems ideal for recovery after workout. It helps in rehydration along with glycogen replenishment. Carbohydrates are essential, as when you workout all your blood sugar stored in liver and muscle, that was supposed to provide you energy, is drained. People usually focus on only carbohydrates intake, but protein is the main nutrient for muscle repairment and its intake is equally essential for quick recovery
as well.
Try to increase your fluid intake so the chances of dehydration will be low. Recovery drinks usually constitute of ingredients which are rich with carbs and proteins. If your workout includes intensive physical exercises, this may lead to micro tears in muscle or muscle ruptures. In such case, drinks with high constituency of proteins are must and a 2:1 carbohydrate to protein ratio is wise to pick for recovery drink.
In the era of digital tech, we have number of applications that can help you to monitor the body’s hydration level. Else, you can go with all time-proven ‘color-check’ of your urine. If it is clear, that is a relief because your hydration level is fine.
If you are aggressively working out for more than an hour, water alone will not help, you need to take in recovery drinks that are a mix of carbohydrates and proteins to recover the loss.
You can only stay fit and workout consistently if you keep yourself healthy and are
conscious about your diet.

Best exercise recovery drink

The requirement of recovery drinks depends of your time and intensity of workout . If your workout is simple and does not need much physical exertion, then simple water can be adequate, but if you are working out for more than one hour and your workout includes intensive exercise then only water will not suffice.
Whether you are working out alone or at gym, you need to give yourself a moment after intensive exercises. Try to drink water during workout as well, it will keep you refresh. It has been observed that people drink water before workout, but forget to drink enough water after workout. This is the reason recovery drinks are the best substitutes to cover the water loss of your body.
Face the fact, water after 1-2 glass tastes boring but fluid intake is crucial after a workout and cannot be ignored. If you ignore and carry on without proper intake of recovery drinks, this may lead to serious health risks like heat exhaustion. Sweat rates and hydration levels of individuals vary so it is difficult of pin exact amount of fluid intake after workout, but we can provide a few effective guidelines. Studies show that the fluids that provides 60-100 calories per 8 ounces help to replenish the loss of water and electrolyte unbalance.

What is the best recovery drink after a workout

We have stocked some great collection of recovery drinks at our store. At outdoor supplements, you will find some amazing recovery drinks and powders rich with coconut water that will hydrate your body and stable your level of electrolytes. Coconut water is a great source of potassium and magnesium and provides the nutrients that are necessary for body fitness.

We have products like Ascend - No Caffeine With More Endurance & Pump that will energize you and will get you going. This is much like a token after a workout. It will speed up your recovery and make you ready for the next round. Drinking right fluids for recovery will maximize the outcomes of your desired body shape.
ASCEND - The OUTDOOR Performance Drink is another gem of our store. It is also loaded with coconut powder and beta-alanine for reenergizing and endurance. Both these products have full serving of BCAA that is a mandatory post workout intake. It stands for ‘branched-chain amino acids’ and are responsible for repairing and building up the body's muscles.
Have you ever observed athletes and sportsmen taking recovery drinks because it helps in quick muscle recovery? Intake of antioxidants helps in recovery of energy depletion, reduction in inflammation and muscle sore and coconut water is its one main source. It reduces the chances of strength loss and keeps the level of electrolyte stable and intact.

Recovery drinks are a lot more convenient and are easy to take in. Right after an
intensive workout when your body is tired and exhausted, it is easy to make and drink. Be wise about what you intake right after your workout because it affects the outcomes directly.

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