Outdoor activities are fun to do!!!!!!

But is this just about fun?????

These activities are a fantastic way to add memorable moments in your life, but above all these are essential for the health of the body and brain. Outdoor activities provide mental relaxation and a healthy body simultaneously.

Have you decided this weekend’s healthy outdoor activity or still in doubt to choose between hiking or swimming?????

Here is the list of weekend’s top trending outdoor activities, choose the best one for your weekend.


Outdoor is calling you, your family and friends to get some respite from the stressful daily routine of your life…..this weekend drink in your lungs full of clean and oxygenated air and get prepared to feel the love of nature.

The top trending activities for the weekend are:

  • WOODLAND FORAGING: collecting and eating wildflowers, plants, fungi, and fruits is a great fun activity this weekend. The wild edible species are ready to be transformed into cordials, beers, wines, soups, and jams. Plan for foraging in woods and find some Sorbus aucuparia, wild garlic, edible UK fungi, crab apple, blackberries, and elderflowers.
  • GROUP HIKING: Hiking is the all-time favorite great outdoor activity. Add a little touch of side activity in such as fossil-hunting and rambling and plan this weekend an unforgettable hiking trip for you and your loved ones.
  • SPORT CLIMBING: If you are a real adventure lover and obsessed with the passion of daring, courage and facing the challenge than Climbing is your this weekend’s cup of tea. Get your hamlet’s, rope, quickdraws, and location map and feed your hunger of adventure and daring.
  • COASTEERING are you a confident swimmer??? If yes! Then get your wetsuit, lifejacket, and helmet…..coast or river is your dream destination. Enjoy the bouldering, scrambling, leaping, and swimming at a river or beach can refill your energy and will throw away your anxiety and depression.

With all these top trending weekend activities add another unusual, tremendous, and perfect weekend activity in your list………



An outdoor activity that drags you out of your house….

Brings you onto the water……..with just a board, paddles and inflatable board-paddle pump.

Stand up paddleboard activity is both peaceful and adventures at the same time. It is a perfect kind of outdoor activity for the entire body.


From improving balance to meditation, paddle boarding provides various health benefits:

  • To stand up on the board is just about balancing yourself on your feet.
  • Your entire body works to maintain balance at inflatable paddleboard and during paddling your back muscles, torso, shoulders, arms, legs, and core work simultaneously.
  • It helps you in reducing weight or maintaining your body posture.
  • Paddleboarding improves your cardiovascular health also.
  • It is a low impact workout and prevents your tendons and ligaments from severe damage.
  • In addition to all these benefits, paddle boarding reduces the stress level and provides you the optimal environment for meditation.

And if you have still some confusions in choosing your kind of outdoor activity than here is the list of 10 fun outdoor activities for tees which are a little more adventurous, energetic and courageous.


Every parent loves their teens to spend more time in outdoor activities rather than sticking with their gadgets and gizmos. Here is a list of amazing fun activities for teenagers….

Plan some fresh and exciting fun outdoor activities for your teens.

  1. RIVER RAFTING: So adventurous and exciting activity that your teens can’t resist with. Plan a river rafting today.
  2. FRISBEE FUN: A fantastic outdoor activity for making teens weekend enjoyable.
  3. CYCLING: Revive the fun of cycling. Plan a cycling expedition with teens because it is not only for fitness and health, but it is also great fun.
  4. DODGE BALL: A game full of excited screams, giggles, and big waves of laughter of teenagers that brings you back also in your teen time.
  5. WALKING: Walking is a little silent and less exciting activity but encouraging your teens for a walk to the near ice cream parlor, or a walk to the beach with a pet and sometimes a family walking trip not only provides fitness but also strengthens the family bond between parents and teenagers.
  6. KITE FLYING: it is a popular outdoor fun activity for teens. By arranging kite flying competitions, you can boost up its charm.
  7. BUNGEE JUMPING: Fabulous activity but not for the faint-hearted. But don’t worry your extremely energetic teens are going to love it.
  8. BASKETBALL or VOLLEYBALL: it is the highly appreciated and most loved game that your teenagers surely cannot avoid.
  9. BOATING: Arrange a family boating trip with your teens to provide them a closer experience with nature.
  10. CAMPING: An adventurous camping trip along woods with a beautiful bonfire experience can also be the preferred choice for your teenagers.
  11. Although these activities are fun to do and provide you countless health benefits still you need the energy to perform various tasks during these activities like climbing, swimming, walking and paddling that requires massive amount of energy. Here, the real need for a perfect supplement appears.


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Ascend OUTDOOR supplements provide you the beyond imagination experience of energy and stamina that makes you able to be the ultimate winner of every kind of outdoor activities.

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