Chasing Zest said,

                       “Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

Lifestyle is the combination of habits, moral values, economic level, attitude, and tastes. It embraces a tangible and intangible kind of factors. According to the world health organization (WHO), 60% of life quality and well-being depend upon lifestyle.

Our modern lifestyle has provided us so many facilities and luxuries. From washing to gardening, an outing to chilling technology has provided all possible comforts to the human. Although technology became a game-changer in this century but in the meanwhile, it has gifted us many health issues.

Man has almost broken his relation with nature and bondage himself in an artificial indoor environment. This technology-based cozy environment can provide consolation for a temporary time period but it is necessary for the human to reconnect with nature for his own well being. Although technological lifestyle has taken over all the departments of life it is also very important to generate a particular balance of being in touch with nature.

Outdoor activities are a bunch of healthy and productive schemes that provide a way to get outdoor and reconnect with nature. Outdoor activities provide social, physical and intellectual benefits. Outdoor exercise and activities allow everyone to enjoy their surroundings. These activities improve fitness level and breathing in the fresh air and uncovering natural wonders increase mental health also. Outdoor activities help to boost physical, social and mental health.

Mental Advantages

  • Outdoor physical activities reduce tension, stress, and anxiety.
  • Feeling of being healthy and consistent recreation results in better self-esteem.
  • Breathing in the fresh air, noise-free natural surroundings with eye-catching views release all the worries from your mind and make you calm and relax.
  • Outdoor activities are mainly based on physical recreations which increase sleep. Good sleep makes your mind relax and generate the ability to better think and concentrate.

Physical Advantages

  • Outdoor activities such as hiking, boating, cycling, mountain biking, paragliding, swimming, and other physical activities make your exercise or fitness work out more enjoyable and unforgettable.
  • Outdoor aerobics or intense activities not only provide you fun, entertainment and joy but also reshape your body and build better stamina.
  • A maximum dependence on technology to perform all the daily life tasks and minimum outdoor activities is the root cause of obesity. And obesity is truly the gateway for all the serious diseases like Diabetes, High blood pressure, Cholesterol, and CVD. By performing outdoor physical activities on a regular basis converts obesity into a slim, active and shaped body and reduces the risk of severe diseases.
  • Autoimmune conditions and muscle building requires Vitamin D and the best source of Vitamin D is sunlight. Outdoor activities provide a sufficient amount of Vitamin D to the bones and muscles.

Social Advantages

The social benefits of outdoor activities for kids and adults are also proven.

  • Outdoor activities are good opportunities for elders and children to build relationships and to be social.
  • It generates an ability to work as a team and helps to understand the social behaviors of each other.
  • Socialization provides collective advantages to society.

Mood Boost

  • Outdoor activities boost mood and give a feeling of pleasure and satisfaction.
  • Nature and greenery enhance the abilities of the brain to release neurochemicals that aid in feeling active, happy and joyful.
  • Surrounding with nature also improves attention and memory span.

Break From Toxins

  • Plants are air purifiers and remove harmful particles and air pollutants, which increase the lung capacity to provide fresh oxygen to the blood.
  • Fresh air also ejects toxins from the body.

These are some of the reasons to perform outdoor activities on a regular basis. But most of the outdoor recreations need a huge amount of energy to secure from fatigue, tiredness and muscle cramps. To solve all these genuine problems an energy booster required. The Ascend Outdoor Supplement is the solution of all the problems anyone can face during an outdoor activity. Ascend Outdoor products fuel up your outdoor passion. Since 2003 Ascend outdoor supplements providing you a variety of nutritional supplements that encourage your passion for outdoor activities and help to perform all the outdoor tasks with a burst of energy. The Ascend Outdoor nutritional supplements provide a healthy balance of fat, proteins, and carbohydrates in addition with essential vitamins and minerals to help your body to perform all kind of outdoor adventures and their proper intake not only prevents the exhaustion and tiredness but prepares your body for the upcoming adventures and fun outdoor activities.

If a person is ardent about health and fitness, he must want to know about the product ingredients, intake timing and when to consume it (pre or post work out). Ascend outdoor supplements provide all the necessary information regarding these queries and encourage a healthy lifestyle. Ascend Outdoor Supplements provide a range of energy boosters for specific kind of workouts and physical activities such as:

  • Ascend outdoor performance drink has a form of protein synthesize of BCCA, Calcium, and Magnesium helps to give rapid strength by increasing the supply of oxygen to the muscles by sufficient blood flow.
  • Ascend outdoor joint is a dietary supplement contains UCll which strengthens and repair joints. It provides the flexible mobility of joints during heavy work out and relieves joint pain.
  • Ascend outdoor performance drink is the best fuel for outdoor adventures which provides energy, hydration, and recovery all in one.
  • Ascend outdoor creatine monohydrate allows muscles contraction at its maximum level. It has creatine which helps the body to generate more ATP.
  • Ascend- Caffeine-free energy drink is a complete package to provide hydration with coconut powder, beta-alanine for endurance, and BCAA’s for fast recovery from fatigue.
  • Ascend outdoor micronized glutamine increases muscle recovery, supports the immune system and gastrointestinal tract and increases the level of growth hormones in the body.

Ascend outdoor supplements provide an accurate amount of the above-mentioned ingredients that are required by your body to perform outdoor activities with complete enthusiasm, excitement, and passion. The core benefit of Ascend outdoor nutritional supplements is to build passion, health, and memories.

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