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Everyone desires to have toned body, but some of them put real efforts to achieve this. If you wish to have a fit and shaped physique with work-out, supplements can help you achieve your goal effectively and efficiently. It helps the growth of your muscles and keep your body energized to carry on with workout. As working out without precaution and help might damage your body and affect your everyday routine badly.

We at OUTDOOR SUPPLEMENTS offer you variety of products that will fill the breach and will provide you with the required nutrients that will aid the recovery of loss hydration and sustaining your body. If you ignore this loss and depletion, your health and muscles will be compromised.

Research asserts that the supplements taken within 45mins post workout will be absorbed in higher amount by muscles; as your body and muscles are in hyperactive condition. Later, once your muscles are relaxed, the absorption level of nutrients slows down as well.

We are confident that our supplements will be the one you have been looking for, plus with the great taste! We offer Free sample packets as well (just covering shipping). If still you are not satisfied with our products we will take it back.

Ascend Outdoor Supplements

If you are passionate about working out, make sure you choose the right supplements. As you are burning yourself out, your hard work must be worth it. You, for sure will gain muscles but your health should not be at risk. During aggressive workout, you lose essential body nutrients and hydration along with calories. ASEND-Outdoor Performance Drink is an energy drink which is a synthesis of Calcium, Magnesium and BCCA. BCCA is a form of protein that is vital for growth of muscles. Taking it as a supplement drink help to gain strength rapidly. These elements aids in refueling your energy by increasing the blood flow and oxygen to muscles. It is an ideal drink for the ones who go for heavy workouts on regular basis. It is a gluten free drink and supports nerve functions that maintain your focus and concentration.

We also offer performance drinks with NO CAFFEINE that constitutes of an amazing blend if coconut water and electrolyte to maintain the cellar hydration level of your body. It’s a mixable product and a scoop of it can refuel you. It have ingredients that help to endure muscle soreness and enhance glutamine production.  During workout the level of sugar in your blood falls, and to recover this depletion this drink is a wise choice. This is one of the best product for maximum muscle growth and enhanced recovery process. This promotes the recovery of loss nutrients and imbalanced electrolytes of body post workout.

These product along with other range of products assist to get over the exhaustion after workout. With continuous intake of these products, you can see the tangible difference and it will be worth it.

Outdoor supplements

What to consume during and pre/post workout is a major query for the person who is passionate about his health and fitness. Along with the product, the timing of intake is another major question. We will assist you to attain you fitness goal in time. After an intense workout we will make sure to provide you with products that will make your blood and sweat count!

We are offering CREATINE MONOHYDRATE, a dietary supplement. Creatine is one of the major unit of your body that is responsible for the provision of energy to muscles and body tissues. It assist you in daily muscle growth and body performance. It enable your body and strengthen it for the next day workout. In our product, we have made it sure to maintain the normal level of upto 40% in your body. It also enhance the hormones which are responsible for muscle growth in size and strength. It catalyzes the Phospho-Creatine in optimum muscles contraction with the help of ATP. It fosters the muscle building process along with speedy recovery of soreness.  It is 99.9% pure micronized Creatine and can be taken as a dietary supplement. 1-2 serving daily will suffice.  If you want to boost you muscle Creatine intake is a must!

Another dietary supplement is OUTDOOR JOINT. It is composed of UC-II which is essential for joints strength and repairing. It enhance the mobility during workout and doesn’t let you slow down during heavy workout sessions. It should be taken with proper meal for effective outcomes. In case, you are facing joint pains that is obstructing your workout, this supplement will be a great deal. It is safe and can be taken on daily basis.

Academy Sports And Outdoors Supplements

For people who are in sports and athletics, we encourage you to try our supplements that are rich in nutrients. Health is the main concern of sports person and their body is their asset. In case, their experience weakness and exhaustion in their body, they cannot work out. Our supplements consist of revolutionary ingredients that will support you in attainment of your fitness goals.

At our stores, we offer Micronized Glutamine. It is a synthesis of L- Glutamine. It is one of the main protein that is required by your body in an immense quantity. During workout, most of this protein is drained out and it is difficult to recover it back on the basis on food intake only. The lack of glutamine in your body can cause many health issues like indigestion etc.  This is one of the major element that is responsible for muscle recovery and enhancing athletic performance. One supplement helps in maintaining the level of glutamine and resists its depletion.

This also helps in boosting brain health. As the sportsperson is required to be physically and mentally healthy, this will serve the cause. It also promote the weight loss and burns the fats by increasing the metabolism rate.

This dietary supplement can be taken on daily basis to maintain the energy level, stamina and overall performance along with strong endurance during an intense workout.

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