OUTDOOR Supplements for Turkey Hunting

What a blast it was going out looking for Turkey's with @timpbritts.   Being a general tag you never really know what to expect and sure enough there were other hunters right where we wanted to go.   So we decided to head to higher ground and do some glassing.   After being up there for a bit and hearing a few gobbles trying to decide if they were the real thing or other hunters we glassed up a heard of elk.   And anytime there's elk around they seem to take all my attention, & one by one elk started making their way out of the brush.   Luckily enough we could see 4 Tom's strutting right at the feet of the elk about 500 yards away.   The stock was on and we knew what bush we needed to make it to before decided how to get in on them.   We get to that bush and then all of a sudden feel the wind pick up blowing right at the elk and they blew out just as fast.   So slowly we start looking over and we can see at least 2 Tom's left about 100 yards away with only grass in between.   So with Dad in front we started crawling closer only moving when they were feeding until we got pegged.   It was now or never so we stood up to close the gap a little more when a Tom we couldn't see came running right in front of both of us.   Just like pheasant hunting when we yell hen or rooster I yelled TOM.   The big ol Tom took flight and Dad hammered it! 
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