Time to Print new Labels poll - ASCEND The OUTDOOR Performance Drink

This question is for everyone who's used Ascend. What describes Ascend better? ASCEND - The OUTDOOR Sports Drink? Or
ASCEND - The OUTDOOR Performance Drink?
Comment below. THX!
By: www.outdoorsupplements.com
Energy, Hydration, Energy, and Recovery in one.

  • kmbowhuntingI'd say performance drink. It is for more than just sports. If you have a physically challenging job ascend will give you what you need to push through the day
  • wasatch_obsessionsWe use it as both I guess.. but it definitely helps performance hiking or packing out an animal 👍🏻👌🏻
  • thelonecowboy91Performance. It has long lasting hydration and energy without a crash.
  • armed_american_hiker@ascendoutdoorawesome! We love your products!! Its amazing how much you can actually tell a difference!
  • dirtytinesJust tried this for the first time at the big outdoor expo in Orem the other day and your Flavors are on point! 🤘🤘. Going to be ordering some very soon to try out!
  • zack_velardeBoth but I use it for performance out in the hills hiking and packing out my elk last year
  • clinteastlickI would say performance because for me I use it everyday. It doesn’t matter what I’m doing, it could be playing basketball, running, lifting, cutting wood, or just working in general. I use it every day to accomplish a task or goal and that in its self is the definition of performance!
  • yotalersnatchersI personally drink it every day. I’m not a fan of water but I love that Mountain Dew life. Since I’ve started using ASCEND I haven’t had a single pop. I get my caffeine I get a great tasting drink and I’m staying hydrated better with a water mixed drink. I’m an active guy shooting my bow 100+ times a day on a good day I work from 4-12 or 2 am most weekends I’m shooting my bow hunting coyotes fishing shooting my rifle,Etc. so both describe the drink great!
  • teamoutdoorsupplements@yotalersnatchers thanks for the feedback
  • yotalersnatchers@teamoutdoorsupplements you bet you guys make a stealer product.
  • teamoutdoorsupplements@yotalersnatchers THX, we're working on more as well
  • yotalersnatchersI’ll be snatchin them up as soon as they hit!
  • _alee______Performance drink!!! I’m loving them!
  • outdoorsupplements@_alee______Thanks
  • rutnready 
  • outdoorsupplements@rutnready that seems to be the one
  • rutnready@outdoorsupplements it sounds spot on for what you guys represent as a product as as a whole
  • mya2714Performance drink.
  • danwilliamsoutdoorsI like performance too
  • shaleenavbPerformance

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