top 10 ascend outdoor activities

1. Hiking

One of the most common and popular ascend outdoor activity is hiking. Going out and taking a walk on trails surrounded by trees is more like solitude with nature. You can also camp along with hiking as it gives you ample of time to absorb all the positive energy from nature. Hiking also boost your stamina to walk considerable distance without exhaustion. It serves majorly in weight loss along with maintaining stable blood pressure and cholesterol level. It is considered as

one of the best stress- reliever and antidepressant activity so just go out and take a hike!

2. Trekking:

Trekking is another ascend outdoor activity for people with a great zest for life. It is majestic to go out in wild and close to nature, away from crowd. It gives a satisfying and refreshing boost to your mind and body. Along with recreation, it has mental and physical perks as well. It escalates your cardiovascular strength as you inhale fresh and clean air, free from pollution. Trekking requires more exertion than hiking, as it includes a lot more stretching, jumping, climbing and
dodging. All of this aids in making your muscles and bones stronger.

3. Rock Climbing:

Well, if you are obsessed with adventure and outdoor sports, rock climbing cannot be overlooked. This is one of the challenging sports that demands both physical and mental focus combined with determination. Challenging your untapped potential will harness confidence and self-reliance. As,
while climbing, a lot of strength is exerted on upper body along with pressure of legs, it strengthens, builds and tone body muscles. All perks aside, it gives you a chance to witness breathtaking sights from a bird’s eye view. Great way to overcome your fear of heights and water or even spiders is by facing them, which is what you're going to do while climbing rocks.

4. Cycling

Cycling is one of the potential activities that does not have any age limit and is one of the best pass times. It is cost effective and aids in reducing various health issues like blood pressure, diabetes, obesity etc. One can ride to school, college or to work on cycle, it’s fun and time- efficient. This will keep you physically active as well as save your money. It also burn calories and help you lose weight rapidly. While cycling, all body muscles are involved, so if you are cycling every day, you don’t need to work out regularly. It is very effective in elevating stamina and aerobic fitness.

5. Mountain Biking

Over the past few years, people have turned their interest towards mountain biking, as it challenging and full of adventure. Along with fun it also serves with many physical and psychological benefits. It takes your mind off the worries for the time being as you are focused on your track which ultimately reduces anxiety and makes your feel happy and relaxed. During mountain biking, as a lot of efforts are exerted, more oxygen is required than normal. This activity increases the fitness of your heart and muscles. It is one of the options to escape your
reality and have a little fun!

6. Whitewater Rafting

If you are looking for adrenaline rush and have a thirst for adventure, what could be better than white water rafting. It is one of the most amazing, thrilling and physical way to explore nature. Moving from still waters to wild and dangerous rapids could be very challenging and overcoming this challenging water current involves our muscular strength and mental focus. During paddling

you can have an excellent cardio workout and boost your stamina and self-confidence. As it is preferred to go in groups, it encourages the spirit of team work as well.

7. Skiing/Snowboarding

In winter, for most of the people, finding a warm cozy place is fun. But for those who love to enjoy the most of it go for snow skiing and snowboarding. Just hop on the ski lift and enjoy the mountain ride on snow is a breathtaking adventure itself. Snow skiing and snowboarding boost your health and give a sense of healthy competition to individual.

8. Surfing

Well, if you are living near the beach, nothing can be more exciting that surfing. It is one of the great recreational activities that involve both fun and opportunity to stay fit and healthy. As moving against the waves can be challenging and needs muscular strength, it boosts your stamina and endurance. Studies assert that it has positive effects on your sleep and offsets anxiety/stress. It also enhances your skill of maintain balance and
stability of your body.

9. Paragliding

If height and flying gives you thrill, nothing is better than paragliding. Similar to hang gliding, paragliding is suspending your body hundreds of feet above the ground will give you and out of the world kind of feeling. Being on the top of the world gives a major adrenaline rush and boosts your survival mechanism. In paragliding, main focus is on upper body muscles which improve the flexibility and mobility of muscles. Once you have experienced paragliding and fought your
fears, your self-esteem and self-confidence will be uplifted and you will be a new person.

10. Skate boarding

Skateboarding is not just a sport, it’s a culture. Since decades, kids are so much into skateboarding all around the world. It does not involve much effort and is a fun activity involving half pipes, bombing and grinding down rails. It improves body flexibility and body coordination. As obesity is very common issue these days, it decreases the risk of obesity along with maintaining diabetes and blood pressure. It is a fun way to travel and move around. So these are a few things that you can do outdoor for fun and adventure along with the perk of body
fitness. Of course these are only a few listed here, the options are endless once you step outside and look around for yourself. Spending time outside has not been the first thing people want to do nowadays because of technology but, if you decide you need a break from it, that is a great thought and you should
definitely do it.

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